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Bryan Siebenberg


Bart Scott, serving as President, is a steadfast and enthusiastic founding partner with Nexus Communications Group. Having been involved in the telecommunications industry for almost two decades, Scott ascertained industry knowledge first hand starting as an installer and progressing to project coordination and operations management. Among the scope of work performed while working with two telecommunications contractors in the first eight years, Scott has become fluent in the technologies of voice, data, and video signaling, overhead and underground utility construction, optical applications as well as commercial and residential installation skills and practices. Being involved first hand with management and project coordination Scott is also familiar with and appreciative of the tasks associated with timely completion, maximum productivity, and maintaining a safe and teamwork environment.

Scott has an intrepid philosophy of providing competent personnel coupled with friendly and quality services. In order to build a strategic partnership with the customer Scott strives to offer total accountability, professional experience, superior quality and maximum reliability.

When not pursuing his professional career, he enjoys free time spent with his family. As a veteran of the United States Navy Scott is also a nautical enthusiast and off-shore fisherman as well as an avid outdoorsman. In all aspects of his life he takes pride in his desire to give of himself and his abilities.